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RIPOSO classic pillow COMFORT
RIPOSO classic pillow COMFORT
Brand: RIPOSO mattresses, toppers and pillows
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Enjoy excellent sleep, rest and good mood every day!

RIPOSO classic shape pillow COMFORT

Classic-shaped pillow designed for those who want to combine the classical forms and the latest technology. Comfort pillow from memory foam enables sound sleep regardless of your sleeping position. The pillow perfectly adjusts to the shape of your head and its position. Also adjusts to body temperature and keeps it stabile. Always returns to its original state regardless of the body position.

The traditional form - the new sensations!
RIPOSO classic shape pillow Comfort is filled with visco-elastic material pieces, perfectly adapts to your body temperature and head weight. No matter how you sleep on the side, back or on the stomach - RIPOSO classic shape pillow Comfort, helps prevent back, neck and shoulder pain. 100% viscose-elastic material bag, thanks to its unique structure, each time returning to its original position.
RIPOSO - the sleep, you dream about ...
Of viscose-elastic material, Memory foam
Anti-allergic and anti-bacterial protection
Perfectly adapts to your body shapes, Orthopedical
Protection from pests and dust mites
Reduces back, shoulder and hip pain
Removable and washable slipcover
Pillow base highly breathable
  • Base: 100% viscose-elastic material. 
  • Dimensions70x50x15 cm
  • Pillowcase: 80% cotton, 20% polyester.
  • Removable and washable zipped up cover.
Attention! If the pillow gets wet - gently shake it to remove the water. Leave a pillow to dry in a well ventilated, dry place. Pillows are not washable.

Warranty - 12 months

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