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RIPOSO 6cm thick mattress topper
RIPOSO 6cm thick mattress topper
Brand: RIPOSO mattresses, toppers and pillows
Product Code: TOPPER 6 cm
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Enjoy a good night's sleep!

  • RIPOSO mattres toppers made ​​of high quality, breathable, viscose-elastic material.
  • Visco-elastic material perfectly adapts to the body shape and weight in response to body temperature, so as to give maximum comfort.
  • RIPOSO mattress toppers helps to keep spine in correct position during sleep.

Buy the RIPOSO mattress topper and get a FREE GIFT!

  • Buy the RIPOSO mattress topper and get the £40 value anatomically shaped RIPOSO memory pillow with removable and washable bamboo fiber cover for FREE
  • RIPOSO orthopedic pillow, in response to body temperature, ideally adapts to the body lines and provides exceptional support for the head and neck. It relaxes the muscles and reduces back pain.

Bamboo fiber cover features and benefits:

  • Highly breathable, it helps to maintain optimal body temperature.
  • Characterized by extreme tenderness, softness and anti-bacterial characteristics.
  • Recommended for everyone, but especially for children and babies due anti-allergic characteristics.
  • Evaporates moisture four times faster than cotton and does not absorb odors.
  • The bottom, layer is covered by a special material, which keeps the topper mattress in its place.
  • Removable and washable RIPOSO mattress topper slipcover protects against dirt and ensure the longevity of the mattress.

RIPOSO mattress toppers are recommended:

  • On the sofas, corners, uneven surfaces
  • On the mattress, which is not very old
  • Traveling or on holiday.
  • In order to create a pleasant and comfortable sleep environment
  • The RIPOSO mattress topper is a great solution for improving the comfort of your old existing mattress or your sofa

The 5 zone sleep system supports five critical areas of your body
This foam topper has a 5-zone system to deliver comfort from head to toe

Head Area: The high density viscoelastic foam conforms to your head area providing ultimate support to the correct spinal alignment.
Shoulder Area: Shoulders protrude most when laying down therefore it is important for them to be supported ultimately ensuring that the head and spine lay correctly on the topper.
Pelvis Area: The pelvis is the heaviest part of the body in both rest and sleep modes. This area of the mattress topper has been designed to ensure pressure relieving and reducing pressure points for less tossing and turning.
Legs Area: Calves require softer support to prevent swelling or numbness in the lower leg area.
Foot Area: Good blood and lymphatic circulation is assisted by the pressure relieving properties in this area of the mattress topper. This helps to provide the feeling of relief and comfort for the entire body.
Of viscose-elastic material, Memory foam
Anti-allergic and anti-bacterial protection
Perfectly adapts to your body shapes, Orthopedical
Protection from pests and dust mites
Reduces back, shoulder and hip pain
Removable and washable slipcover
Mattress topper is highly breathable
  • Base: 100% viscose-elastic material
  • Height of mattress 6 cm
  • Compact mattress, quick and easy to unroll and roll up
  • Mattresses and pillows are not washable
  • Products should be kept out of direct sunlight
  • Originally products are packed so they may have a specific odour which shortly disappears after unpacking
  • Warranty - 2 years
  • Top layer of the cover: 40% natural bamboo, 60% polyester
  • Bottom layer of the cover: 18 % cotton, 82 % polyester
  • Removable and washable zipped up mattress topper cover

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Why is this mattress topper good for you?
Viscoelastic memory foam mattress topper is a perfect solution to change your old mattress or sofa into a healthy sleeping environment. Memory foam mattress provides a unique feel. The renewed topper conforms to the shape and temperature of your body and therefore provides a pleasant sense of weightlessness. When you lay down on a memory foam topper certain parts of your body presses the mattress more heavily. Added pressure of these contact points transfers more heat which makes the foam soften exactly where it needed. Once the pressure is removed the material returns to its original shape. This type of mattress is good at relieving pressure on painful joints.
Memory foam
The memory foam was originally developed at NASA to improve seating comfort in space crafts. It was developed to increase bodily support and comfort by reducing pressure on the body and spine while sleeping. Memory foam is not friendly to dust mites and is therefore recommended for allergy sufferers. It is one of the most frequently used materials in mattresses these days. The cover of the Renew mattress topper is made of pleasant and soft luxurious material. Soft high quality cotton cover is zipped up so it is easy to remove and wash.